Email marketing may be effective, but Lead Nurturing – the strategy of sending a programmed set of emails at regular intervals to an early lead – can enable conversions up to 10X more than just email blasts.

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  • Higher chances of conversion due to targeted messages to a segmented readership
  • Higher trust factor development with prospects
  • Enhanced collaboration between sales & marketing teams 

Although it is not rocket science, taking a step-by-step approach to understanding the goals and the process of lead nurturing is the best way to make a difference to your email marketing campaign. For example, knowing when and how to send that second email after your prospect shows an interest in your offering will help you guide the prospect further down the purchase journey.

Learn all about the timing, the offers, and the CTAs to use for your email marketing in order to get the highest sales-ready leads and the most conversions. All with one click of your mouse, all for free!